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Let's START! [Sep. 17th, 2012|03:03 pm]
Furuba Island ~ RPG


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Hatori-san is already posting entries guys!  Feel free to go ahead and start posting entries as if you've just arrived on the island by a mysterious light.  You will find yourself in a room with computers that only allow you to post to your own LJ.  To post interactive threads, please post directly to the main site.  :)  I will post an entry and a thread today to show you all how it's done.  See you all soon!!

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[User Picture]From: hatorisan77
2012-09-27 05:11 pm (UTC)
How does one start a thread?
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[User Picture]From: yuki_sohma1
2012-09-28 05:18 pm (UTC)
Post in Furuba_Funs and LJ cut it. I'll make one right now. ^_^
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