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Getting ready [Aug. 31st, 2012|08:44 am]
Furuba Island ~ RPG


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Alright guys in case you didn't know, we are officially starting up this RP next Tuesday. You may begin posting LJ posts and opening threads. For those who are unfamiliar with how Furuba_Funs works, let me explain a little.

1) Your character has been transported from the end of the anime (not counting the ending episode and the crack stuff). We are using manga canon, I'm just taking the end of the anime instead of the manga to free up our characters a bit. They will find themselves magically transported into a computer lab. No explanation. There is a computer with a Livejournal application on it and NOTHING else. No way to communicate with anyone outside the island. So, you may post to the Livejournal as your character finding it, or "log on" and see other people's posts who are on the island and your character can reply to those posts.

2) Once your character decides to leave the lab, they can return at any time to update their LJ. There are many computer labs around the island and all of them will allow them access only to their LJ. However, once they leave or if you would like to play something out (even if they're still in the lab), come to the community site and post a thread behind a cut for people to see. Anyone can join a thread at any time as long as it makes sense for their character. Please try not to have your character in too many places at the same time as it gets confusing. Keep things at continuous as possible.

THANK YOU GUYS!! Without you I wouldn't have an RPG here. :) So thank you very very much. I will post an entry and a thread as both Yuki and Shigure on Monday or Tuesday so that you can see kinda how things need to go in order to work. Please remember if you have any questions at all, message me or ask on the main community. Thank you so much!!

OH! One more thing. If you happen to have AIM or another messenger and someone from this community is online, please feel free to start an RP with them that way and just post your finished rp here. If you don't finish it in one sit, then go ahead and post the beginning here so we can see what you're doing.

Thanks again. <3 I love these organized RPs, and I want to help keep them alive online. Thank you for helping me with that. ^_^